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Restructured Insurance

Note:  Although this innovation was done on behalf of a paying client, everything disclosed here is disclosed in the following publicly published patent:  Patent US11132725 (

Problem Worth Solving

Consumers massively distrust the property and casualty insurance industry for very good reason.  Conflicts of interest are embedded in the way insurance companies are structured and operate.  For example, the same organization that develops the policy also invests the premiums and determines whether or not to pay claims.  Everything about the model increases the cost to the consumer and reduces the benefits.

Key Insights

It became possible to separate various parts of the insurance model by using blockchain technology to coordinate the actions of independent providers.  This could remove the conflicts of interest and make each portion of the insurance model more responsive to customers needs while driving down the cost.

Solution Concept

We invented and designed a new technology platform for smart-contract-based insurance that coordinated the participation of entities that specialize in different parts of the insurance model:  policy invention, claims adjudication, investment management, advisory services, etc.

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