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Innovation Refresh

Every organization, no matter how innovative, occasionally gets into a rut and has trouble thinking outside of certain themes.  We provide a service that is an antidote to that.  We are not an innovation training company, we don't take a concept you have and redesign it, and we don't work with your innovation team to enhance their projects.  Rather, we are innovators ourselves who consistently generate venture concepts that our clients do not.  The benefit in working with us is that our three month project will energize your team purely based on the concepts we chase down and the manner in which we do it.

Why Are We Able To Do This?

Venture innovation is something we have been doing for three decades.  With core backgrounds in designing thinking, product design and definition, venture strategy, alternative economics, software development, customer research, and venture capital, we have been involved in the launch of over 30 companies through various venture studios, innovation consulting firms, and personal ventures.  However, while we have been involved in every phase of launching and growing new ventures, our expertise is really in the earliest stage of venture ideation and validation that uses experience in later stages to inform the viability of various concepts.

How It Works

The Innovation Refresh is a 12 week process of 6 iterative design sprints.  In each two-week sprint, we start with brainstorming and research, envision a venture concept to test with customers, create a User Experience (UX) mockup of that venture concept, recruit and interview 5 potential customers to validate the concept, and then do a debrief of the sprint.

We have found through experience that the really innovative venture concepts start to emerge by iteration 4 or 5.  Each iteration builds on the learning from the prior iteration.

We also have a modified version of the traditional Business Model Canvas that we call a New Venture Canvas.  We discovered in prior projects that coalescing around a "Worthy Purpose" for a venture was more important than any other focusing factor, so we put it front and center in the canvas, along with other important modifications.

What Are The Benefits?

A successful Innovation Refresh project means that your employees say a resounding "Yes!" to the following:

  1. "The project explored ideas that we had not really considered internally"

  2. "The unique process generated an unusual amount of learning in 12 weeks"

  3. "The project got us re-excited about pushing our business in new directions"

Please contact us to find out more and get scheduled on our calendar.  We work with one client at a time and dedicate ourselves completely to the success of that client.

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