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Wake Up in Paradise. The 10 Hour Network.

Living in California, I've always been interested in the Spanish missions and the fact that they were spaced to be a single day's travel apart. I was thinking about this recently in the context of the evolution of self-driving cars and RV travel.

If RV's evolve to have full self driving capabilities, you could then design seat-belts and safety equipment to enable people to sleep in their vehicles overnight. If that were the case, what if you had a network of RV parks that were always "an overnight drive" apart? You could market the network as "Wake Up in Paradise" because you could go to sleep in your car and wake up in a vacation destination.

How might these destinations be different than typical campgrounds, RV parks, or hotels?

Do they cater to a different audience that requires a higher income while the technology is still new?

Before self-driving becomes more available, could you test the concept by just hiring a college student to drive you while you slept? What it if were a way for college students to get around the country and make money, offering to drive people to vacation spots at night?

What problem is this trying to solve? Maybe it is that vacation travel is often the worst part of a vacation, and this makes it comfortable, time-efficient (you don't notice most of the travel time), and likely less expensive.


Status: No ventures yet we know about.

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