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Software for Drive Through Medical

The COVID era brought a lot of both medical testing and medical treatment into parking lots, especially in mild climate states like California. Neither patients nor doctors wanted to be in enclosed spaces with lots of contagious people.

The ultimate expression of this was the emergence of drive-through medical, but the practitioners had none of the experience, processes, and tools of other drive-though industries like fast food or car washes. If the customer experience is to be improved and used as a differentiator for drive through medical locations, there needs to be supporting software that doesn't yet exist.

One example might be hosted software that optimizes the front end of the customer journey: finding, scheduling, arriving, waiting in line, and paying for drive through medical services.

The key insight here is that the software that drive-through medical facilities currently use for scheduling and process optimization doesn't match the target customer experience of fast and easy medical service.

One of the potential opportunities is to help drive a new type of medical office real estate (MOB) with drive-through capabilities that is enabled by the software and the customer experience it enables.


Status: No similar offerings yet.



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