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SMB Accounting Network for Tokenizing Ownership

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) were developed for large public companies to enable investors to compare apples-to-apples as much as possible (which is far harder to do than most people realize). Small companies lack a similar standard that is far less complex but still facilitates the transfer of partial or total ownership of the business. What if you solved the problem of making accounting easy for small business owners AND enabled a simpler and more effective standardization to facilitate the tokenization of equity?

What if you created a software network of connected small business who all did their accounting on the network in the same way using the same categories, and then made it easy to expose certain parts of this information to prospective investors or buyers?

In many ways, this is like doing an inverse, voluntary roll-up. Instead of an acquirer purchasing a small business and then moving it to the standard accounting across their businesses, you are incentivizing an independent small business to join an accounting network to do standardize with other independent businesses.

The benefits for SMB's:

  • Easier and more useful accounting and financial management

  • Easier tokenization of equity

  • Easier collaboration with investors and buyers

The benefits for investors:

  • Better access to SMB private equity through tokenization

  • Better information for comparing businesses

  • Easier collaboration with business owners

This opportunity also seems to naturally gravitate toward blockchain solutions because of the trust elements in the distributed ledger.


Status: No known offerings yet.



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